1990 Hyundai CRX For Sale!

Hello There! I am selling my car! Here's some pictures and specs!

As you can see, I've taken pretty good care of the car, for it being an import and all. Imports are pretty flimsy, but I really babied it.

Exterior Specs:
• Original Red Torino (Hyundai's name for Purple) Paint. Excellent shape!
• Greddy Lift Blocks. I have them stacked 6 high in the rear, with matching purple racing stripes!
• Lowering Springs. I got a great deal on these, from Locash Racing. All i had to do was give my stock springs in return! yay!
• High Performance Rims. They came off an Izusu with a longer name and more dashes, so i know they're better.
• Custom Paint (Primer) Designs. I got these about late 1994, when i kept the car parked overnight in an alley behind my girlfriend's club. I wanted to thank the kids who did it, but "Krylon", the company they worked for, didn't have a number on their can. Oh well.
• OEM Mudflaps. These are rare, and help keep rocks and debris off the show car paint.
• Single Windshield Wiper. I was going very fast once (like, 160 on the small numbers), and the other one came off. I heard that this is the race way! Free mod!
• Team #crx sticker included with the purchase.

Here's some interior shots!

The interior is in primo shape! It's a real drivers car in these hyundais! Excuse my little mess in the hatch! I'll have my Violent Femmes record collection out of there when it sells, i promise! yay!

Interior Specs:
• Ford F250 Shifter Swap. I use this shifter because of it's ease of reach when your hand is above the seat. Perfect ergonomics! I had to use a driveshaft in order to make it work, but I think the added 73lbs is WELL worth it. Don't you?!?
• Custom Dash Cover. This one was real fun. My grandmother quilted this, right before she died of Botulism. It matches the paint perfectly!
• Racing Crate. I stole a Shamrock Dairy crate from a local Kroger's. I then lightened it by shooting it a few times, to take out some extra weight. It really stays put, since i had it welded to the floor. I use a rope for extra support, i'll throw it in with the car!

Picture of the Motor!

About the Motor:
The motor is a high performance machine. As you can see from the picture, it has aftermarket spark plug wires. They give a better burn of the spark. They also complete the whole car's custom appearance. I don't know why, but it also has a valve cover from a lawnmower company. It fits perfect though! All Japanesse motors must be the same! Will include Peterbuilt turbo unit.

Other stats:
• The car has less than 30k miles on it! Email me for a picture!
• The car was seen on "When Floods Attack", on the Fox Network, September of 1998.
• The AC blows cold, provided you refill with freon every 48-72 hours.
• The tags are current (on stolen plates).

Me and the Sale:
I really hate to let my car go, but as you can see in the background, I have another project CRX. I'm aiming for fastest all motor HF in the southwest. I have about 4 guys to beat, but i'm confident switching to carbs will help!
I'm only asking $4200 obo! Yeah, I know that's dirt cheap for a car like this, but I would like to give a young racer a break.

Also, my buddy has offered to toss in an optional wheel package. It will add approximately $1900 to the cost of the car. It's so cutteee!

If you have any questions, just Email Me (my name is Justin, by the way), and i should be able to answer any of your questions.

Now Tite-Boy Approved! Thanks Katman!